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'Light is On for You' Dec. 11

All parishes in the Diocese of Pittsburgh will make the sacrament of reconciliation available Wednesday, Dec. 11, from 6-9 p.m. as part of “The Light is On for You” campaign. The...

Immaculate Conception feast Dec. 9

Dec. 8 is usually the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the patronal feast day of the United States. But this year, because it falls on a Sunday, the Immaculate...

Bishop David Zubik

'Let nary a day go by without ...'

One of my favorite spots — any day, every day — is the chapel at St. Paul Seminary.When I moved back into the seminary upon my return from Green Bay more than 12 years ago, I...

'Babushka Power'

Whenever my parents had a Saturday night date night when I was a youngster, I always had the same sitter. She was my maternal grandmother, my Baba, whom I affectionately called...

Looking into their eyes

Shortly after he was elected as our Holy Father in March 2013, Pope Francis said something that “hit me between the eyes.” His words made a significant impact on my reaching out to...


My guess is that you remember what it was like to purchase your first car.For me, it was a 1970 Pontiac Le Mans, medium green with a dark green vinyl roof. I purchased it at Downtown...

Good Friday and beyond

When a reporter interviewed me recently about this week’s anniversary of the Pennsylvania grand jury report on child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, I tried to explain both my devastation...

'Blue Bloods' and beyond

To be honest, I don’t have the chance or the time to watch much TV, with one exception. Every Friday eve (when it airs), I have my DVR set to record the latest installment of “Blue...


Father Bober

Churches know Eucharist differently

QUESTION: At our son’s wedding, the non-Catholic mother of the bride came up for Communion and the priest asked if she was a Catholic and she said, “No,” and then he said,...

Wreath is important symbol for Advent

QUESTION: During Advent I see the wreath and the candles in the sanctuary of almost every Catholic church. Is this an ancient custom or one that is relatively recent in the church? Is it...

Make your funeral preferences known

QUESTION: I have noticed lately that there are a lot of funeral “services” (not Masses) held for people who I know were faithful Catholics all their lives. What is this all...

Providing compassionate care

QUESTION: In an article by Jack Shaw that appeared in the Pittsburgh Catholic Nov. 1, the author took issue with a television series’ treatment of the Catholic Church’s view of...

We long to be reunited with the dead

QUESTION: During November I frequently hear sermons on praying for the dead. Would you please tell me just how our prayers assist the dead?QUESTION: I have never quite...

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