3D tour of the Pittsburgh Creche

In any normal Advent season, about a quarter-million visitors see the Pittsburgh Creche in-person. That likely won’t happen this year. So Mt. Lebanon videographer Gwen Kisker decided to bring the creche to God’s people.

Using a high tech 3D camera, Kisker scanned the Pittsburgh Creche, producing a quality virtual model that allows the viewer to see sharp details while zooming in and out, panning side-to-side or up. Clicking on green dots provides links to videos, photos and news stories.

“I thought of everyone who has been unable to attend Mass this year, and that loss of community,” said Kisker, who also has produced 3D scans for local churches and Catholic schools through Kisker Productions. “I was moved by the level of devotion of everyone who’s been involved with the creche. So I wanted to give this gift to the Christian community.”

The Pittsburgh Creche is the only authorized replica of the Nativity scene that Saint John Paul II commissioned for the Vatican. This is the 22nd year it has been displayed, mostly at U.S. Steel Plaza.

The creche is an ecumenical effort by Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christians to preserve the true meaning of Christmas. It stands as a reminder of God’s great love for all his creation.