Parish Share campaign to begin

Father John Rushofsky greets a family at Saint Sebastian church, part of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish.

The 2021 Parish Share campaign kicks off February 21 with the theme, “Finding Joy in Giving.”

“Giving with gratitude in the example of Jesus Himself leads to a deep, authentic joy,” Bishop Zubik wrote in a letter to the faithful. “When we share our gifts, we become closer to Jesus and to His Body today, the Church.”

Parish Share supports the parishes, schools and ministries that serve the educational, physical and spiritual needs of neighbors across southwestern Pennsylvania. Gifts fund vital services that parishes cannot afford individually, such as payroll management for parish employees, assistance with communications, and social ministries.

Father John Rushofsky, pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in the North Hills, said he explains to parishioners how gifts help all parishes, as well as their own faith community.

“Parishes don’t exist on their own. The diocese provides many services,” he said. “It’s a necessary campaign and we need to willingly participate.”

Funds also make possible a seminary that provides education and formation for men who are discerning a call to the priesthood or permanent diaconate, as well as young people learning the faith and preparing for the sacraments.

“Parish Share is a fundraiser for your own parish,” Father Rushofsky said. “I try to explain to parishioners how it helps us, like repairing sidewalks, paving parking lots, cutting grass and removing snow. It all adds up.”

In his letter, Bishop Zubik acknowledged that these are difficult times for many.

“It is not easy for your pastor to ask for donations when he knows so many family budgets have been affected over the past year,” he wrote. “Yet the ripple effect of the pandemic has made full participation in Parish Share critically important if ministry is to remain strong throughout our diocese, especially in all our parishes.

“I am so grateful for your support for our clergy, our parishes, and for our Church of Pittsburgh as we set about Finding Joy in Giving through Parish Share 2021,” Bishop Zubik said.