Honoring Mary

Catholics honor Mary in special ways during the month of May. A new effort is encouraging the faithful to come to know her better.

On May 1, the diocese kicked off “To Jesus, Through Mary,” to help deepen parishioners’ devotion to Mary and ask her to draw them closer to Jesus. More than 2,000 people have already registered for daily texts.

Posts on the diocese’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts offer Marian inspirations from the Scriptures, the saints, prominent Catholics, and from prayers and hymns.

On the diocesan website, people can learn more about how to grow closer to Jesus through Mary; get a refresher on the mysteries and prayers of the rosary; download Marian wallpaper for their smartphone or computer; and register for the daily texts.

“We are excited to share these resources that will help people build a stronger relationship with our Blessed Mother,” said Jennifer Antkowiak, executive director of communications and community relations for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. “After a year of so many challenges and struggles, just like we turn to our earthly mothers for comfort, we can find refuge in her love and light.”

Father Adam Potter, parochial vicar of St. Teresa of Kolkata Parish, explained that the idea of approaching Jesus through Mary is deeply rooted in the Scriptures.

The Wedding Feast at Cana shows how Mary intercedes for us. When the wine ran out, the servants approached Mary. She asked Jesus for help and He turned jars of water into wine.

“Because she was invited, she changed the dynamic of the situation and brought her Son in,” Father Potter explained.

Practical devotions can help us to grow closer to Jesus through His Mother. Father Potter recommended beginning every day with a simple prayer to Mary, asking her to help us to pray, to love, and to trust God as she does.

He also recommended praying the rosary regularly, a practice that he has seen change people’s lives. The prayers and the mysteries of the rosary allow us to focus on Jesus through Mary’s eyes.

“No one knew Jesus better than Mary,” Father Potter said. “She spent more time with Him than anyone else on earth. Life is about knowing and loving Jesus, and Mary can help us to do this.”

Text MARY2021 to 84576 to register. For the prayers of the rosary and many other May devotions to Mary, visit: https://diopitt.org/to-jesus-through-mary.