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The Pittsburgh Catholic is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Historically, the Pittsburgh Catholic grew out of the need to provide information for the local Catholic community.

That need persists, and thus the mission of the diocesan newspaper is defined as follows:

  • To promote for Catholics and other readers an understanding of the mission and teachings of the church and its role in the community.
  • To foster the faith and unity of the local church, and to serve as an instrument of evangelization and education.
  • To provide readers with accurate news and information about the church on a local, national and universal level.
  • To provide a forum for an expression of views in a manner consistent with the teachings of the church and the principle of respect for others.

Pittsburgh Catholic Publishing Associates

General Manager: Ann Rodgers
Editor: William Cone
Operations Manager/Director of Advertising: Carmella Weismantle
Associate Editor - Special Projects: Phil Taylor
Associate Editor - News: Matthew Peaslee
Staff Writer: John W. Franko
Circulation Manager/Parish News Coordinator: Peggy Zezza
Director of Advertising: Carmella Weismantle
Account Executive: Michael A. Check
Account Executive: Paul Crowe
Account Executive: Michael Wire
Graphic Artist: Denise Shean
Freelance Graphic Artists: Rita Cappella;Debbie Skatell-Wehner
Administrative Assistant: Karen Hanlin
Office Assistant: Jean DeCarlo

Board of Trustees

Most Reverend David A. Zubik
Very Reverend Lawrence A. DiNardo

President: Mr. James Plake
Vice President: Deacon Mark Bibro
Secretary: Mrs. Peggy Fitchwell-Hill
Mr. Michael Bohnert
Mrs. Peggy Fitchwell-Hill
Mr. Paul A. Iurlano
Mrs. Rita Ferko-Joyce
Very Reverend Ronald P. Lengwin
Mrs. Christina Aquilina
Mrs. Ann Rodgers
Reverend Richard J. Ulam, OSB
Reverend Nicholas Vaskov

Published every Friday
Editorial Deadline-noon every Friday for the next issue
Advertising Deadline-noon every Wednesday for the next issue

Established in 1844 by Rt. Rev. Michael O'Connor, D.D.
Serving the Diocese of Pittsburgh-Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene, Lawrence and Washington counties.

Postmaster & Subscriber:
Send address changes to
Pittsburgh Catholic
111 Blvd. of the Allies
Suite 200
Pittsburgh PA 15222-1613
Allow 3-4 weeks for change of address

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Individual $25.00 a year, $48 for two years. Foreign $26.00 a year, Parish Bulk Delivery 21 cents per copy.
Parish Home Delivery (PHD) $10.85 a year.
Periodical postage paid at Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Catholic (ISSN-032-0323);

111 Blvd. of the Allies
Suite 200
Pittsburgh PA 15222-1613

PHONE: (412) 471-1252 • 1-800-392-4670
FAX: (412) 471-4228
EMAIL: info@pittsburghcatholic.org

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