Bridging the Gap with Bishop David Zubik

It’s not easy to be a Catholic in today’s world. How can you live every day by the Gospel values you hear at Sunday Mass? Bishop David Zubik helps you bridge that gap in his column for The Pittsburgh Catholic.

Bridging the Gap: 3-2-1

Bishop David Zubik invites the faithful to reflect upon two “snapshots” this Lent–Jesus going into the desert, and where we are at this present moment in life.

Vigilia, a Christmas Eve dinner to remember

December 24! For me, as a youngster up to and including today, it is my most special day of the year. More important than my birthday, or my ordination anniversaries or my vacations.

“Bridging the Gap”: An Extraordinary Year

In an ordinary year, many of us would be busy making plans for celebrations with family and friends for Thanksgiving. We would be preparing to travel or getting the spare bedroom ready for an important visitor. But 2020 has been an extraordinary year.


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