Bridging the Gap with Bishop David Zubik

It’s not easy to be a Catholic in today’s world. How can you live every day by the Gospel values you hear at Sunday Mass? Bishop David Zubik helps you bridge that gap in his column for The Pittsburgh Catholic.

Bridging the Gap: A Grand Slam Home Run

It was a grand slam home run!  This past Sunday, tens of thousands of people lined up outside of Heinz Field, not for a Steelers game but for an opportunity to come together with Jesus.

Driving in the Left Hand Lane

Thanks for joining me in the leadership of this Church by “driving in the left hand lane” toward God’s Kingdom, driving with a determination to help each other ultimately move forward to become citizens of God’s Kingdom in heaven.

Wow! What a Reality!

Whether at age seven or seventy-seven, First Communion is something we never forget.  Most of us can describe what we were wearing, who was there, the name of the priest who celebrated the Mass.  And we remember so clearly that moment when we received the Body and Blood of Jesus.

The “Plus” Sign

But the sign of the cross, God’s “plus sign” is meant to say something about our lives as Christians as well. It is meant to be a sign from us to the world in which we live.


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