Bridging the Gap with Bishop David Zubik

It’s not easy to be a Catholic in today’s world. How can you live every day by the Gospel values you hear at Sunday Mass? Bishop David Zubik helps you bridge that gap in his column for The Pittsburgh Catholic.

Bridging the Gap: Please Mr. Postman

Bishop David Zubik writes that Christ is not only the Light of our lives on Easter Day, or on the eight days that follow Easter, or the fifty days that lead to Pentecost or every Sunday. He is the Light on into the future.

Bridging the Gap: No Be Worried!

Bishop David Zubik writes that when God asks us to not be afraid, He understands that moments of fear are real because Jesus Himself experienced it.

Bridging the Gap: 3-2-1

Bishop David Zubik invites the faithful to reflect upon two “snapshots” this Lent–Jesus going into the desert, and where we are at this present moment in life.


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