Bridging the Gap with Bishop David Zubik

It’s not easy to be a Catholic in today’s world. How can you live every day by the Gospel values you hear at Sunday Mass? Bishop David Zubik helps you bridge that gap in his column for The Pittsburgh Catholic.

Bridging the Gap: 5:03 am

As we approach All Souls Day on Nov. 2, Bishop Zubik reminds us of the opportunity to pray for our loved ones.

Inheriting traits from Jesus

Bishop Zubik writes that we need to know about Jesus and to know Him. But it is especially important for us to become more like Jesus.

Bridging the Gap: A Tale of Two Booties

God’s ultimate dream for us is to get to heaven. Bishop Zubik shares how his baptismal robe and baby booties remind him of this final destination of his and our lives.


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