Diocesan News

Mass honors Dr. King

The Diocese of Pittsburgh marks the celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a Mass and program on Sun. Jan. 17.

St. Joe High part of new Bishop’s journey

The four years that the next bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg spent at a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh proved to be important steps in his journey of faith.

“Saint Joseph High School played an instrumental role in forming me,” bishop-elect Larry Kulick told The Pittsburgh Catholic. “I received a solid education and experienced a healthy, realistic dimension of the faith in all aspects of my high school life at Saint Joe’s.”

Battling addiction with love

In 2020, overdose deaths reached an all-time high in Allegheny County, showing that the diocesan Addiction Recovery Ministry is more crucial than ever.

3D tour of the Pittsburgh Creche

In any normal Advent season, about a quarter-million visitors see the Pittsburgh Creche in-person. That likely won’t happen this year. So Mt. Lebanon videographer Gwen Kisker decided to bring the creche to God’s people.

A Window to our faith

The faithful are flocking to Saint Albert the Great church in Baldwin, part of Blessed Trinity Parish, to visit and pray before a special nativity scene.

Spreading the hope and love of Jesus

When Lauren Koath was graduated from Franciscan University with a degree in theology and catechetics, she returned to Texas and became a parish youth minister. But God had different plans for her.

Our Lady of Guadalupe traditions

Hace aproximadamente dos años, en un esfuerzo por llegar a la vibrante y creciente comunidad latina de la Diócesis de Pittsburgh, Jorge Vela, director del Apostolado Hispano, comenzó a escribir una columna mensual de espiritualidad en español. Esperamos que también lo disfruten los hablantes nativos de inglés, incluidos los estudiantes de nuestras escuelas católicas que […]

Waiting for big news

On November 28-29, Bishop David Zubik is expected to announce the establishment of 14 new parishes, created from the merger of 40 parishes, and he will reveal the new parish names. The changes take effect in January.

From Grief to Grace

After Jessie Egan Smith passed away unexpectedly at age 23, her parents wanted to celebrate her life and help other children.

Following Mary, taking baby steps

Inside a quaint stone house in Mount Lebanon that was once a Capuchin friary, diapers are stacked nearly to the ceiling in one room and a former confessional holds cleaning supplies. The building continues to serve Jesus and honor the Blessed Mother as Mary’s Place, a home for women with crisis pregnancies.

A sign of the season

People seeking solace and inspiration can once again visit the Christ Child and Holy Family in downtown Pittsburgh, where a construction crew is erecting the only authorized replica of the Nativity scene that St. John Paul II commissioned for the Vatican.

Closer to God Through Gratitude

Gratitude to God is a cornerstone of Catholic life, so the Diocese of Pittsburgh is bringing back the “30 Days of Gratitude” online campaign to share the spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits of appreciating God’s blessings.

Faith carries family after injury

As Pam Surano left Mass at St. Benedict the Moor parish on August 30, 2020, filled with gratitude and eager for a Sunday family dinner, she got a call from her 13-year-old daughter, Mary, that would be life-changing.

A gift that lives on

Winning a nationwide Catholic art contest has helped Jaylee Duncan, 14, stay close to her late father, through memories of his art instruction and the contest’s link to a special string of rosary beads.

Lifting up college campus ministers

With big challenges facing the Catholic Church and society, college campus ministry is needed more than ever, says a local leader who’s been tapped by a national organization to help expand the Church’s college outreach.