Golden Apple Award Winners

Seven educators at Catholic schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh have received the 2021 Golden Apple Award:

  • Mallory Gurney- teacher, Blessed Francis Seelos Academy
  • JoLynn Clouse- principal, Saint Wendelin School
  • Darci Smith-  teacher, Archangel Gabriel Catholic School
  • Robert Childs- associate principal, Serra Catholic High School
  • Meloni DiPietro Guthoerl- teacher, Seton LaSalle High School
  • Emily Janocha- teacher, John F. Kennedy Catholic School
  • Lisa Radzanowski- teacher, Ave Maria Academy

The award recognizes their excellent performance in the classroom, church and community. Each educator will receive a monetary prize, thanks to the generosity of the Donahue Family Foundation.

The Pittsburgh Catholic is featuring a Golden Apple honoree each week until the start of school.

Meet the Winners:

JoLynn Clouse, Saint Wendelin School Principal

JoLynn’s drive, dedication and leadership have doubled her school’s enrollment.

Mallory Gurney, Blessed Francis Seelos Academy teacher

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mallory dressed up as a superhero and encouraged her students to do the same in honor of the frontline workers. Then she drove by their homes so that she could connect with them in a socially-distanced way.

Darci Smith, Archangel Gabriel Catholic School teacher

Darci found the funds to buy 102 iPads for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. She reached out to every strong supporter of Catholic education she knew, and within two months had raised nearly $50,000.

Robert Childs, Serra Catholic High School Associate Principal

Robert Childs is rooted in his Catholic faith and allows it to guide everything he does in the classroom. A colleague described him as: “a reminder to everyone that we are loved by God.”

Lisa Radzanowski, 3rd grade teacher at Ave Maria Academy

Golden Apple Award Winner Lisa Radzanowski (bottom left), who teaches 3rd grade at Ave Maria Academy, deftly pivoted to online learning to help her students through the darkest days of the pandemic.

Meloni DiPietro Guthoerl, Seton LaSalle High School, biology teacher

Golden Apple Award Winner Meloni DiPietro Guthoerl isn’t just trying to educate students. 

She wants to “make better people for the world,” as she puts it.

Emily Janocha, John F. Kennedy Catholic School teacher
Celebrating after directing Hooray for Hollywood!

Golden Apple Award Winner Emily Janocha shines a spotlight on her students and encourages their creativity.

Her school community has become one big family to her, and gives her students a strong foundation for their faith.